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Clinical Science

Clinical Science
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Pediatric Rheumatology

IgA vasculitis and vaccination risk

This study explored the potential relationship of IgA vasculitis developing after childhood vaccination. A cross over design compared the incidence of IgAV in the 3 month period immediately following vaccination to the 3 month period thereafter, stratified by season and infection. 167 children were enrolled the OR for IgAV occurring within the 3 month period was 1.6 (95% CI 0.8 – 3), which was not significant. Stratifications of IgAV risk as per month also did not reveal any significant associations, leading the authors to conclude that vaccination may not be a major etiological factor in childhood igAV. This study provides robust epidemiological data in studying the relationship between vaccination. This is especially relevant in areas where vaccination is culturally fought against and improves the case for universal vaccination.

Genetic insights in JIA

A comprehensive study on the genetic landscape in JIA was a felt need, and the authors studied polyarticular JIA in 2 independent cohorts. The GWAS identified 18 ‘hotspots’ of single nucleotide polymorphisms. On further functional analysis it was seen that the genes surrounding these hotspots were important for immunological processes and G protein coupled pathways. Novel variants in genes involved in histone modification and B cell DNAse were shown. This study explands the genetic variant repertoire of JIA and deepens understanding of genetic landscape of JIA. This is the first deep WGS to be done in JIA.

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