The Indian Rheumatology Association

The Professional Organization of Rheumatologists and other Health Professionals in India

How To Become a Member


Members of the Medical Profession holding a post-graduate medical qualification in Medicine or Pediatrics will be eligible for enrolment as Life Members of the Association. The person should have attended at least 2 CMEs/conferences related to Rheumatology.Intending members have to subscribe in writing to the objectives of the Association and submit an Application for Membership duly proposed by a existing Member of IRA.


Overseas Professionals with post-graduate qualifications may be enrolled as Overseas Life Members. Overseas Members will not be eligible to vote or serve on the Executive Committee, but would enjoy the other privileges of Membership of IRA.


Leading personalities in India or abroad in the field of Rheumatology and allied disciplines, may be accepted as HonoraryMembers. Such Honorary members shall be elected by the General Body of the Association by a two-third majority. Honorary Members shall not be eligible to vote or serve on the Executive Committee but would enjoy the other privileges of Membership of IRA.


Pharmaceutical companies and Companies doing business or taking interest in pharmaceutical and allied industries shall be eligible to be elected as Corporate Members of the Association. The duration of Membership shall be for such period as the existence of the company or the Association. No representative of the Company will be eligible to serve on the Executive Committee or have any voting rights, but otherwise they would enjoy the other privileges of the Association.


a)All eligible individuals intending to be Life/Associate Members of the Association shall apply to the Secretary of the Association on a prescribed form, with their Membership duly seconded by existing Life Members of the Association. In states where state chapters exist, the intending member may apply to the Secretary state Chapter who shall forward the application to the IRA Headquarters. The Secretary IRA shall place such applications before the Executive Committee at the next EC meeting, for approval and admission to Membership.

b)The Association represented through its Governing Body (Executive Committee) shall have the absolute right to determine the admission of any person falling in clause (a) or (b) supra as Member thereto. It may in its discretion, accept or reject any nomination or application for Membership without assigning any reason.


a)A subscription of Rs 10,000/- is payable to the Association on a Member being admitted as a Life Member. Overseas members are required to pay a one time subscription of 250 UK pounds.

b)Subscriptions for Corporate Members shall be decided by the Executive Committee from time to time. Currently it stands at Rs 500,000/- payable to the Association on being admitted as a Corporate Member.

c)Membership Subscriptions/Fee are subject to change at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

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