The Indian Rheumatology Association

The Professional Organization of Rheumatologists and other Health Professionals in India

Grants and Fellowships

A. IRA Grants

ACR/IRA International Fellows Exchange Program

The ACR/IRA International Fellows Exchange Program was established in 2016 with the goal of providing opportunities for a foreign medicalgraduate visiting the United States to: observe clinical rheumatologic care of patients; gain a basic overview of the American medical system; and establish relationships with colleagues and mentors that will support his/her in their medical and research career.

The program recognizes outstanding work of rheumatology fellows in both laboratory and clinic-based research, and provides exposure to the exciting work being done by colleagues in other countries. This exchange program allows participants to share knowledge and experience, and creates opportunities for collaboration. In addition, the program fosters the alliance between ACR and IRA and assists in identifying future leaders within both organizations.In 2017, the program will be expanded to support one exchange observership in India, and one exchange observership in the US.

IRA-BSR Fellows exchange program

IRA in collaboration with the BSR is pleased to invite applications for one bursary of £1,200 (maximum Rs 1 lac) for senior trainees in adult or paediatric rheumatology to spend a fortnight in UK at a centre of excellence in Rheumatology. This will give Indian trainees a unique experience of observing the practice of rheumatology in Britain for a period of 2-4 weeks. Travel, insurance and accommodation arrangements will have to be made by the applicant.

Candidates will have to be IRA member either enrolled or within five years of their training. They are requested to submit a summary CV and a statement of not more than 250 words in support of their application. In addition they have to identify two areas/institutions where they want to train.

The last date for electronic submission is 1 January 2018

B. APLAR Grants


The grant will be US$14,000.

Deadline for applications is Friday 23 March 2018, for more information on COPCORD please visit Click Here

APLAR Fellowships

APLAR invites applications from science and medical graduates from APLAR member societies of developing countries for its APLAR FELLOWSHIP. The grant of USD 14,000 is to assist graduates to undertake intensive or advanced study in the research or clinical aspects of either adult or pediatric rheumatology in a rheumatic disease unit in any country within (preferable) or outside the Asia Pacific Region for a minimum period of six months. Please download application from

APLAR Research Grants

APLAR is pleased to announce that applications are invited for the 2018 Research Grants. Up to five grants of US$14,000 will be awarded to doctors striving to improve the lives of rheumatology patients through research. Applications are invited from science and medical graduates from APLAR member societies. The grants are to assist the undertaking of intensive or advanced study in the research of either adult or paediatric rheumatology. For details, visit

APLAR Grants Last date: Friday, 23 March, 2018

Indo-UK Rheumatology Travelling Fellowship

Objective : To fund a promising young rheumatologist (trainee) to attend an International Rheumatology Conference: BSR or EULAR

Recipients of the fellowship are encouraged to spend some time in one or more Rheumatology units of their choice in UK to gain further experience in their area of interest. The duration of visit can vary from 6 weeks to 3 months dependent on personal circumstances and be linked to the back of the conference. Applicants should be members of IRA and should have demonstrated their commitment to Rheumatology by signing in/already working in a Rheumatology training programme. Applicants are at liberty to apply for additional funding to other agencies

Number of fellowships: One;

Amount: UK £ 1250;

Age limit: 40 years

The last date will be announced later

One copy of the application should be sent to IRA Secretariat:

Short listed candidates may be required to attend a personal interview during IRACON. Fellowship awardees have to submit a conference report for publication in Indian Journal of Rheumatology to Editor IJR

C. IRA International Travel Fellowships

IRA will award 5 travel fellowships (2 for APLAR (Rs. 30,000 each), 2 for ACR (Rs. 50,000 each) and 1 for other meeting (maximum of Rs. 50,000) to members less than 40 years of age who have a accepted paper to attend international rheumatology meetings. The priority would be in order of oral paper, poster, quiz etc. The last date of application is 15 June for APLAR and 15 August for ACR meeting. For the remaining meeting the application can be sent after abstract acceptance. All applications should be sent to the secretary, IRA.

D. IRA Research Grants

IRA will award 5 research grants (2 for clinical research, 2 for basic research and 1 for epidemiology) of Rs 1 lakh each to members less than 45 years of age in 2018. Please send an A3 page copy of your proposal, with brief introduction, key question (s), novelty in the project, brief methodology, budget and 10 key references to the secretary, IRA. Last date March 31, 2018

E. Indian Rheumatology Association UG Fellowship

Indian Rheumatology Association, though Indian Journal of Rheumatology has an undergraduate Rheumatology fellowship program. The program will encourage UGs to undertake rheumatology research projects and will support them with these fellowships. The completed projects will be presented at the annual rheumatology conference of Indian Rheumatology Association (IRA).

All under-graduate medical students from both government and private institutions are eligible to submit a proposal for consideration. A panel of judges will review research proposalsBased on the recommendations of this panel, the award will be given to the 05 best proposals. Each fellowship will carry a grant worth Rs 5,000.

Last date of submission of proposal: 31 March

Please send project proposals to:

F. ARA - APLAR Scholarships

APLAR/ARA Scholarship

To attend and present at the 2018 Australian Rheumatology Association Annual Scientific Meeting 5-8 May, 2018 Melbourne, Australia