The Indian Rheumatology Association

The Professional Organization of Rheumatologists and other Health Professionals in India


Indian Journal of Rheumatology

Indian Journal of Rheumatology ( website : ).

Formerly JIRA (The Journal of Indian Rheumatology Association).

IJR is the official publication of the Indian Rheumatology Association.

The Journal is published quarterly ( March, June, September, December ). It is indexed in Indmed ( ) and Scopus.

Editor :

Professor Vikas Agarwal,
Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology,
Phones: +91 -5222494318


Monthly newsletter of Indian rheumatology association which discusses key issues and new developments in the field of rheumatology

Manual of Rheumatology Fifth Edition

Editor-in-chief : Dr. Ved Chathurvedi, Delhi
Price Rs. 2000/-

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Daryaganj, New Delhi - 110 002, India
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Asia Pacific League of Rheumatology

Asia Pacific League of Rheumatology ( website : ).

International journal of Rheumatology